Monday, July 14, 2008

AWOL, again.

I'm really annoyed. A while ago, my silver sandals disappeared two weeks after I had re-discovered them and put them in a supposedly safe place. This week, it's the turn of my yellow sunglasses. We're all heading off to Truck Fest* and they're key to my well being.

They're a rare breed in that they don't squeeze my head and give me brain ache when I wear them for too long, unlike the majority of my other sunglasses. They are awesome 80s style plastic aviators and I know I could go buy another pair somewhere like Topshop but it won't be the same and I know that the second I do, the AWOL ones will appear.

I am therefore determined to hunt through every handbag that I've worn in the last two months in order to find them. I will not give up, as I have had to do with the sandals. I will find this missing piece from the puzzle of my wardrobe, even if it takes the rest of the week.

Speaking of festival related activities, I was really impressed when I nipped into the big Tesco near Ikea (where I'd been to buy a crate of delicious Kopparberg) and found myself walking out with a new sleeping bag, inflatable camping mattress and a bubble gun amongst other purchases, all for £30. I was tempted to buy a new tent but common sense won out on that one. At least this year we won't have giant boulders digging into our spines.

*NB: truck fest has nothing to do with trucks, cars or any other vehicular activity.

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