Monday, August 04, 2008

New Acquisitions

So, I've been promising myself not to shop for the last two weeks. Have I stuck to it? Hell no. On Friday, I went to the sample sale, where I bought a Tara Jarmon silk balloon top and a great Et Vous Cotton-cashmere knit dress. Both were reduced hugely - the top was originally £256 and I bought it for £40. In girl logic, I saved £210, making it a bargain. In boy logic (as according to my boyfriend), I still spent £40.

So, I said I wasn't going to buy anything else but coming back from a show tonight, I thought I would stick my head in Miss Selfridge and the giant Topshop for a little nosey. Not to buy anything. Oh no.

Well, that lasted all of about 20 minutes and I walked out with two pairs of shoes, one from each store. From Miss Selfridge:

Mmm. They're actually a lot lighter in terms of colour than this photo suggests, far more nude in tone.

As regular readers will know, I can't wear heels but that didn't stop me from buying these. I love little details like buttons and zips on shoes and although I'm still undecided on whether to keep them, I'm erring more to the keep than return frame of mind. Another great example of girl logic.

My other pair of shoes are slightly less exciting - just nude coloured pumps from Topshop for everyday use and also to go with my new TJ top but they'll be the shoes that I will not get told off for buying, so they make me happy too.

Anyway, a whole post about shoes. I promise, the next one will be slightly more interesting - about an altercation in a curry house. Ooh, I bet you're intrigued...

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