Friday, September 19, 2008

LFW: Friday

I had tickets for pretty much everything today but due to unforseen circumstances, I only made it to one show today, Ashish but oh, what a show. I found myself happily snapping away the most I have all week.

Maybe its the magpie in me that made me love the heavily sequinned collection but there were so many pieces that I loved. As I've mentioned, lots of sequins, plus army coats and badge coated jumpsuits. Maybe I wouldn't wear the jumpsuit or the tiny denim hot pants with hands on the ass but I would certainly rock one of the playing card dresses. This is a collection that I can see totally see Topshop and a number of other high street retailers ripping off.

Without any further ado, I present today's collection of somewhat blurry photos:

And the final final walk of the season:

And on that note, the season ends. As much as I loved my first experience of LFW in full on fashion mode, I am really glad that its Friday and I can now sleep for the next two days and fully recover. Fashion week is good but it's also bloody hard work.

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