Monday, September 15, 2008

LFW: Monday

I love morning shows at the BFC tent. This morning, it was rise and shine for John Rocha at 9:30 but of course, everything was running fashionably late. The foyer to the tent was rammed full of the fabulously dressed nibbling gingerly at mini smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and the odd pastry, washed down the lots of boxed juices, all courtesy of Marks & Spencer. Yum.

The show started just before 10am and this time, it was a far more civilised affair. I've been trying to figure out how best to describe the dresses but there's not really one particular word or phrase. So, instead, I can only describe them as prom-like dresses with dropped waists, overlays and bibs - if that makes any sense? I'm not sure. I tried to find images but it seems noone has them up yet. So, I'll have to give simple descriptions of my favourites:

- Cream dress with coral coloured petals and net overlay

- Electric blue ruffled dress

- Black dress with gem encrusted bib and similar one with a gem scarf

Things that I didn't like:

- The hair. Pretty much the same as PPQ, tight-tight buns on top of the head. It's like the fashion version of a Croydon Facelift.

- The slouching male models. I hate to sound like someone's mother but slouching, particularly in a model, is not attractive. They all looked like petulant teenagers, sulking along the catwalk because they've been made to.

And now, more things that I did like:

- The music. It was later identified to me as Talking Heads. Again, I'm going to sound like someone's mother but it's nice not to be subjected to modem-like noises that seem to plague a lot of shows. I don't like being distracted because my ear drum has burst, thank you. Talking Heads is good, Talking Heads let me focus on what I'm seeing, not on whether I need to start wearing ear plugs.

- The fact that there was more breakfast as we left. Cue a mass flocking to the bar to stock up on more fuel between shows.

I wish I had more shows to tell you about but unfortunately, after John Rocha, I had to go back to the office to do some work and therefore missed a lot of the shows. At the end of the day, I rushed to Jaeger, only to have the door slammed in my face but
all clouds have a silver lining - I got see Naomi Campbell stalking along to the backstage area while the show was still happening.

She looked very inch the Supermodel; huge dark glasses, Louboutins and 3 fawning minders leaping around her. Very exciting! Unfortunately, I couldn't get a photo as it all happened so fast - long legs get you places far quicker than the average human limbs. A slightly less starry spotting was the very Ronsealed Victoria Hervey again, looking even more skeletal than normal, wearing sparkly Gina shoes.

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