Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The weather and Westfield

The cold snap that's been making itself gradually known all week has finally, for want of a better word, snapped. As I left work tonight, an almighty drenching greeted me and just as I put up my rickety emergency umbrella it naturally only got worse and turned into full on thunder and lightening. Fun times when you're holding what is a metal framed invitation to bolts of the latter.

This of course was also the night I decided to take home loads of stuff that I've been accumulating. Heavy stuff. That meant I had to plod at snails pace all the way to the station, holding my crappy umbrella in place after it blew out approximately 20 seconds after I put it up.

And now, it's snowing outside. I didn't quite believe it at first but it's starting to settle which is both good and bad. Bad in that it means its officially cold (and probably slushy) but good in that I now have a legitimate reason to wear my Uggs to work. I'll have to carry normal shoes with me for work but once there, I'll just conveniently forget that my feet are snuggly and warm. Oh yes.

And now, onto more important things than the weather. Ladies and gents, in 35 hours, the biggest city mall in Central Europe opens. Welcome to Westfield London; 256 shops, 50 food outlets and conveniently 10 minutes drive from my house.

I must confess that at heart, I am a Mallrat. Whenever I am in the States, I love nothing more than wandering around the giant Meccas of spending that dominate the landscape. I know I sound shallow but it gives me a mindless type of joy to wander from shop to shop for hours, and then sate my appetite with Panda Express. Okay, so Westfield won't have a Panda Express but I'm sure that somewhere in the fifty eateries, I'll find an acceptable alternative.

Roll on, Thursday.

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