Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Ice Storm

So, I know I've been promising to blog for sometime and I do still owe you all a post about the RE:Fashion Awards and that will still come but there is good reasoning behind my lack of posting. The last two weeks have been crazy, prepping for a trip that I'm now on. This blog comes live from Breckenridge Colorado, a little ski town where I'll be based until next Monday, which is coincidentally also my 25th birthday.

After a hellish 20 hours travelling yesterday to get here yesterday, I am now firmly settled in an incredibly retro condo up in the hills. By retro, I mean that everything is made of polyester - my shredded elbows are testament to this, as is the rather scary light show of static energy that I was treated to in bed last night, where every move caused a little spark in the dark. I also get an electric shock from whatever I touch, meaning I currently resemble Einstein a little too much for my liking.

Ooh, and did I mention my other rather exciting little piece of news? I was finally allowed to upgrade my phone and I am not officially an iBore. Oh yes, I blew almost a week's wages on my iPhone and it would've been great, had it not decided to go psycho on me last night when I tried to sync it but it seems far better now.

The above photo ties in nicely to both subjects this evening - these are the rather fabulous snow boots that I bought from Primark for £10 for the express purpose of this trip, taken on my iPhone in six inches of snow. There's currently a blizzard outside, so I will now retreat to the safety of my cheap polyester sheets. More soon.

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