Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lust Have

I’m in lust. I know I say this at least once a month but this time, it’s serious. So serious that I’m considering parting with a sizable lump of cash in order to make my dream come true. The object that has inspired such irrational feelings? A handbag. Well, it’s always a handbag, isn’t it? But this is a Bodhi handbag. And I want it.

Ever since I saw the snaps of Little J from Gossip Girl carrying it during a funeral scene, I have longed to swing this beautiful clutch by it’s oversized gold safety pin handle as I skip happily down the street. But the question is, can I afford it? At £500, it’s a serious amount to splurge on a bag that I can probably only carry at weekends and evenings. And at this point, my inner bank manager kicks in and starts listing everything that I’ve blown stupid amounts of cash on recently, such as my iPhone (for the record - best. Investment. Ever.) and I start thinking, what can I do to get this and quickly, before it goes out of season?

Never have I been so traumatised by a handbag. Never. And no, I'm not going to tell you where you can get one as I'm being selfish and want to make sure that should I scrape together the cash, I can have one. So ner.

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