Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bleugh and other stories of illness

So, I'm on day 10 of the flu that struck the day before Fashion Week and I can't seem to shake it. Having pretty much managed to ignore it all through the course of LFW, it was Wednesday when I was at last sitting back down in the office that it really crept up and smacked me over the head.

Of course, the timing was fantastic as Friday was my boyfriend's sister's long anticipated wedding and as we headed down on the Thursday, I could feel it taking hold but it wasn't until I woke up yesterday with no voice that I realised quite how bad it was.

My voice keeps on returning and then disappearing again, along with my ability to focus on anything. Thankfully, we're now home after the hairiest drive home through flu-addled eyes and I've crawled into bed in the boyfriend's Incubus hoodie, some pyjama pants and a big ole beanie in order to rest, rest and rest some more in the hopes that I might actually be okay for Monday. If not, it'll be a trip to the doctor's for me to score some harder drugs than just the Nurofen and cough syrup that I've survived on until now.

I know that I promised to photo videos this weekend but it may have to wait until the glow from my laptop screen doesn't make my eyes feel like they're on fire. I promise to return as soon as I'm better.



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