Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dirty Girl

ARGH, we have no shower. Well, technically we do but we don't have our shower. Last night, as I was trying to get out of our shower, the door suddenly snapped off one of it's hinges. Not good, considering the door is made of thick tempered glass and particularly heavy. Being in a considerable state of vunerability (ie wet, blind and naked) made it difficult to figure out exactly what was going on until I had found a towel and was able to re-focus, only to find the shower door at a particularly odd angle, swinging from the top hinge.

Not good. We managed to patch it together with some electrical tape to stop it falling off it's remaining hinge and crashing onto any unsuspecting victims in the bathroom. Matki, the makers of the shower calmly reassured me that they can send me some new hinges but my dad pointed out this evening that there's no way we'd be able to get the door off, let alone replace the hinges. So, tomorrow another call will have to be placed to have a new shower fitted. Ball ache.

Photos of our artistic taping to follow tomorrow.



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