Monday, February 23, 2009

LFW AW09: Monday

Oof, another exhausting day, coupled with the fact that my feet have spent all day being blistery and painful, which did not make me a happy bunny. Let's get straight to it, shall we? I started the day at Ossie Clark, which looked suspiciously empty - I suspect a lot of fashionistas were nursing their hangovers from the various parties that were on last night. I really loved the collection, very 70s and beautiful, jewel colours and flowing fabrics with lovely oversize floral prints. The models, including Jourdan Dunn all had beautifully blown out flowing hair that worked so well with the clothes. Sigh. See for yourselves:

From there, we headed to the V&A for the Stephen Jones exhibition which is AMAZING. So beautifully and thoughtfully laid out with his studio replicated in the middle, every iconic hat is in there. Go and see it, that's an order. I couldn't take photos as they were filming interviews with the man himself so that's added incentive, YOU MUST GO.

From Stephen Jones, I was meant to head back to the office until my boss said I should go to Erdem with him and never one to pass up a hot ticket, I tagged along and was successfully smuggled in and seated despite the constantly checking of tickets (which I didn't have). Gorgeous, gorgeous show with a base pallette of navy, with huge florals on top and ruffled collars. A lot of dresses reminded me of last year's Balenciaga SS with nipped in, tailored top halves and then blown out bottoms. Spotted in Erdem's front row were Samantha Cameron, Lydia Hearst and Jo Wood. Upon leaving, I even managed to snag a goodie bag that someone left behind. Not bad for someone who didn't have a ticket! On with the photos, which are rubbish I know. It was very bright and my camera doesn't cope well with high levels of exposure:

I had to go back to the office and do some proper work after Erdem and hit the tents to visit the Exhibition but my hard work was rewarded with one of the most talked about shows of the day, William Tempest. It was quite a late show but definitely one worth going to. The clothes were beautiful and totally lived up to the hype. Very angular, with beautiful oversized pleating and interesting almost painterly fabrics and rich, dark silks. Lovelovelove. Emma Watson, Jade Parfitt and a heavily made up Sophie Anderton made up the front row, along with Zezzi Ifore. Roisin Murphy was meant to come but to my knowledge was a no-show. Boo.

I would post a photo of what I wore today but it wasn't that exciting, mostly things from other days as I was too exhausted to even think about what was going on so I'll just list it. Grey boyfriend blazer - River Island, pale pink silk scarf - Vintage, grey bow back jumper - Prada, grey stripey tee - Topshop, black jeans - Topshop and olive green Converse low tops. All topped off with my safety pin clutch which seems to be going down very well. And now, I'm going to go to bed at a decent hour. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am at this prospect.


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