Saturday, February 21, 2009

LFW AW09: Saturday

It's been another busy day in the land of LFW and now as it's ten to one in the morning and I have to be up at eight, I hope you'll forgive me for what I hope will be a short post. Let's work our way through chronologically, shall we?

I started a little late this morning owing to my exhaustion from yesterday so I didn't get to the tents until John Rocha. By way of happy accident, I ended up front row for this show. By way of another happy accident, I ended up sitting next to Jessica Brinton from Style magazine, who is quite possibly one of my favourite fashion journos. She ended up grilling me about twitter after she saw me tapping away at my phone while I waited for the show to begin. I explained that I twitter from everything from the shower breaking to who I see at shows, which I think she found quite bizarre but hey. I always gabble when I'm put on the spot like that.

Now, some photos:

From John Rocha, we pottered over to Topshop's Unique show which is held in a disused underground warehouse behind the University of Westminster. This is always one of my favourite shows and this year, I was fortunate to have my own ticket rather than a cast off. The invite itself was pretty cool - I'll scan and post at a later date. Less gabbing, more photos, right?

Sadly, I had to miss Nathan Jenden but it worked out pretty well as standing around outside trying to figure out what to do and where the hell my lighter was in my bottomless pit of a bag, I happened to come across Pixie Geldof, Daisy Lowe and Susie from Style Bubble (one of my favourite fashion blogs). Unable to find my lighter, I chanced my arm with Pixie and her giant cooker-lighter, who was more than happy to trade a flame for one of my fags:

Susie from Style Bubble

Everyone leaving Unique's venue:

Then, it was a little break and catch up with a friend before we all trekked to Holborn for the Basso & Brooke show at Bloomsbury Ballroom. I got there in the nick of time but not quick enough for a seat so I plopped down on the floor by the photographer's pit. We all couldn't help but notice that it was a particularly spring-like collection for Autumn-Winter. Judge for yourselves:

Then it was another quick break before the biggie, oh yes. VIVIENNE WESTWOOD RED LABEL! Spotted in the audience: David Walliams with Erin O'Connor, Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, Alfie Allen with Jaime Winstone and Lily Cole. And those were just the ones we could see although the catwalk was equally as glam - Jo Wood, Alice Dellal, Jourdan Dunn and Daisy Lowe. Unfortunately, it was at this point that my camera decided to go a little mental and refuse to focus properly so these are a little bit of a mixed bag:

I have lots of video from today but I plan on doing one giant post with all of the footage at the end of the week. Well, I've got to keep you hooked somehow, don't I?

And finally, what I wore today. I look like a bizarre midget in the photo but please try to look past this. It's late and I'm tired so this will have to do. Anyway... Shrunken leather jacket - New Look, white and grey striped oversized shirt - River Island, black zipper edge top/dress - Topshop, grey tank dress (underneath) - Topshop, grey butterfly and skull scarf - Alexander McQueen, Safety pin clutch - Bodhi, black quilted pumps - Office.

And now, it's almost half past one and I have to be back up and out in less than eight hours. I swear, I don't know what I'm running on these days beside Vitamin Water and cigarettes.

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