Sunday, February 22, 2009

LFW AW09: Sunday

Just a quick stop in between activities. I got up at the butt crack of dawn for Betty Jackson at the tents. Mistakenly thinking that it started at 9:45, I was being leisurely until I checked my ticket and realised it was actually a 9:15 show. Cue much panicking, running around and then driving like the clappers to make it on time.

I even ran from my car in the world's most umcomfortable shoes. As you all know, I do not run under most circumstances but for this, I well and truly pegged it, trying to ignore the pain from my leopard pumps as they dug in more and more painfully. Upon getting home, I checked my heels and sure enough, I've got blisters the size of pennies. Time to dig out some plasters and comfier shoes methinks.

Anyway, back to the chaos that is LFW. I picked up a copy of The Daily today which is a free paper given out during fashion week and I was quoted in the feature about Twitter. I will scan and post later tonight after the second half of the shows plus parties.

Betty Jackson this morning was fun - once again, it was another show where at first I couldn't help but think more of Spring/Summer than Autumn/Winter with the number of pastels floating down the catwalk but this was quickly rectified by lots of mohair and greys, forest greens and so on. Unfortunately, my camera flipped out on me again and most of my photos are blurry but I'll see what I can do later. Spotted in the front row - Lorraine Kelly, Dawn French, Melanie Blatt (All Saints) Erin O'Connor balancing a small child on her knee and Jade Parfitt. Betty's son Oliver was taking command front of house, making sure the Vogue girls got to their seats and everyone was happy, while looking very dashing (if I do say so myself).

Right. More later, I'm off for a much deserved brunch with some very neglected friends.

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