Monday, February 16, 2009

My name is Adulescent and I am a shopaholic

Tonight after work I had the pleasure of being taken to the UK premiere of Confessions of a Shopaholic. Having been bombarded with the adverts for weeks on end, I must admit that I was particularly curious, especially as I loved the Shopaholic books when I read them. I found it interesting how they changed it so heavily as the books are set in London (with the exception of Shopaholic takes Manhatten) and Becky Bloomfield is painted as a pretty ordinary girl with a particularly bad credit card addiction.

I have to say that I enjoyed the film immensely. There were countless moments where I found myself laughing out loud while simultaneously horrified at the similar shopping patterns between the protagonist and myself. Of course, it's silly and girly and men will absolutely hate it but by god, if you're female and have ever even had the smallest rush from parting with your cash in exchange for something pretty, you will love this film. And Hugh Dancy is definitely a nice buffer between gags as the film's resident eye candy.

A lot of people and critics have commented on how very poignant it is that the film has come out when the economy is still in freefall and we are paying for all of the plastic bashing that we previously took for granted but it's the perfect light and frothy film with a deeper meaning about the dangers of debt that will hopefully strike even the tiniest of cords with the audience.

And finally, the fashion. Patricia Field of Sex & The City and Devil Wears Prada fame took the reigns of the costume department for another romp through high fashion via the wardrobe department. While I cannot fault her for her styling, I found that it was a little uninspired in that I could name pretty much 90% of the main characters' SS08 wardrobes. And the bridesmaid's dress just resembled Carrie's famous tutu from the opening credits just a little too much. But I will give her props where props are due, as pretty much all of the actors looked superb.

And now, a few photos from the red pink carpet:

heading in

fans lining the barriers

They even had a mini fashion show outside the cinema, featuring a model wearing a dress made up of shopping bags emblazoned with the film's typeface alongside a selection of beautiful SS09 fashion. LOVED it.

Oh and as a footnote, can I just say that Isla Fisher is absolutely miniscule and gorgeous in the flesh. She must use a step ladder to kiss Sacha Baron Cohen (of which there was sadly no sighting). Other celebs seen were Duncan from Blue, that girl who used to be in As If and Bianca Gascoigne who was mightily overdressed and backcombed to within an inch of her life.

Now, exhausted and happy, I'm going to bed to cuddle my 2.55 and dream of compulsive shopping.

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