Monday, February 16, 2009

Pinch me

Many months ago, when I was still an intern and starting to get on my mother's nerves with my only-get-paid-minimum-wage freeloading, she offered me the ultimate bribe - that when I got an actual, proper job in fashion she would buy me a Chanel 2.55. I was at that point lusting after it like some love sick puppy, glued constantly to Ebay, trying to find an actual real one for a bargain price (highly unlikely).

The plan backfired somewhat for my dearest mater when only a matter of weeks later, I landed said proper fashion job and I set about gluing myself to Chanel's window displays. Months passed and I began to think that it had been an empty promise, merely an additional motivator to getting an actual job (apart from the raging overdraft, constantly empty wallet and torturously gorgeous items surrounding me in various fashion cupboards across London). My mum disappeared off to Berlin for six months for work and I gave up on the quilted dream

But then, oh then... On Saturday, my mum finally returned home. As we sat on the landing with her showing me lots of beautiful vintage finds from markets, suddenly I found a snowy white carrier bag in my hands, bearing those six amazing letters - C. H. A. N. E. L.

I am not ashamed to admit that for the first time ever, I squealed. Really loudly. And now, I have my baby. Aaah!

No prizes for guessing what I'll be rocking come fashion week on Friday!

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