Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slip 'n' slide

Like much of the South East of England, I woke up yesterday to be confronted by six inches of snow covering everything. Also like much of the country, I was stranded at home as buses were pulled out of service and the tube pretty much shut down. Unlike much of the country, I was actually forced to work from home much of the day after my planned page for this week got pulled in favour of something a little more seasonal.

Now, it's one thing when you're stuck in an office and can't go and play in the snow but it's another wholly torturous thing when you're faced with oodles and oodles of virgin snow in your back garden, just waiting to be lobbed, rolled into snow men and snow-angeled in.

Just look at it! But gallantly, I struggled on and on with my work until it had got dark and every last bit had been finished. And then finally, we got to go and run around and be twenty-five going on five. Unfortunately, the boyfriend has far better aim and throwing skills than I do, so it was me who ended up with snow everywhere, while I only nailed him in the face once.

We also tried rolling snow men but both made our respective balls so big that there was no way we could lift them and instead we ended up with snow blobs.

On the treacherous walk to the station (buses in our area were still dubious), we saw plenty of artful snow men although I think my favourite has to go to the snow men I shall christen 'Saudi and the Tiny-head':

They were almost enough to make me fall on my ass on the ice, which was plentiful and made our walk double the time and we slid along the pavements with alarming regularity. Nothing like a little threat of falling on one's ass to get the blood pumping, it must be said.

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