Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's quickie

Good morning all and Happy Valentine's day. Just a quick note to say whether you're with someone or not, have a kick ass day. I am dragging the boyfriend into town in search of a YSL manifesto and a copy of Katie Grand's new baby, LOVE magazine. In the meantime, enjoy some random totally un-Valentine's day photos from my iphone.

Cheap store round the corner from my office that sells coats, scarves and so forth for very little money. They put up new signs every day and this one made me laugh.

Everyone's been raving about Selfridges London window displays with their white futuristic grecian theme (which are rightly beautiful) but I thought this one, on one of the side roads not on Oxford Street was much more fun. BUNNY ARMY!

Hanging on the phone to PRs for hours and chasing tickets for LFW can be soul destroying so I've been working on my rubber band ball while I listen to lots of crap on-hold muzak. I only started it yesterday lunch time but by the end of the day it was spanning more than 5cm. Next week is entirely devoted to chasing tickets so expect this thing to grow.

Right, time to get dressed, put on my comfiest shoes and get to manifesto chasing. Wish me luck!

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