Monday, March 02, 2009

You only love me when I'm fashionable

During LFW, my blog traffic spikes dramatically. I'm not sure how people find me, as I don't pop up high in google searches normally but clearly, one way or another people managed to sniff me out.

Of course, now that Fashion Week is over and I'm being lazy about posting my videos, my traffic has dropped back down and I'm free to post intermittently rather than at all hours of the night. Videos will come later this week, once I have a bit more time to edit them and maybe even put them to some new music. Unfortunately, I'm as busy as ever - I'm currently running between my day job and a freelance project that I'm doing at the weekend, all while dealing with a virus on my vocal chords (as finally confirmed by a doctor this afternoon). I don't know if you've ever tried to go a day without talking - like, maybe a sponsored silence - but it's bloody hard when you're a chatterbox like me.

In the meantime, please amuse yourselves with some of my new obsessions:

This is why you're fat dot com featuring the McGangBang, a close cousin to the SteakMac.

F My Life dot com always makes me feel better. "Today, I told my boyfriend that I don't like his facial hair and that he should shave it off. He replied, "You first."

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