Sunday, March 11, 2007

Unemployment Night 6 (as told on Day 7)

So, as I mentioned in my earlier post, last night we went to see Yourcodenameis:milo and Enter Shikari at the Hammersmith Palais. It was all a bit last minute as to whether we'd actually go or not but it all came true sometime around 5:30pm and we got some speed and socks on and off we trundled.

First up were Yourcodenameis:milo, who in all honesty I personally preferred. Don't get me wrong, Enter Shikari do a good stage show but in terms of taste, Milo are definitely more my thing. It always takes me a while to get into the swing of things with my new camera and unfortunately, these were the first and only photos I got of them.

During their set, a very large and sweaty death pit opened up, full of 14 year old boys with their shirts off and glowsticks everywhere trying to beat the hell out of each other - all in the name of Monday morning at school when everyone asks why they have a black eye and they can smoothly say This thing? Oh, from the death pit on Saturday night. Security started shining torches on them as they counted down to the charge, meaning that it caught everyone's attention just in time for the mass collision of limbs in the middle, kindly spotlighted by the men in neon coats for our gory enjoyment, a nice prelude to the main act.

As I've mentioned before, Enter Shikari is not straight off something that I would listen to when I'm dossing around. Clearly my taste varied from the 13-16 year olds that made up the majority of the crowd (and made me feel very old) but I'll give them this; they do a brilliant stage show. I must also award them kudos for picking up on the fact that everyone likes stuff that glows in the dark, particularly if they're a 15 year old stoner. No doubt they have made a small fortune from their flashy ring things that they used to sell (do they still sell these?) and that the crowds love. From the side balcony, where I moved to for the main show, the crowd was a mass of flashing dots of light and millions of tiny flashing ring lights.

Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling and start the show and tell. [click images for bigger versions]

At the aftershow later, I was shoving my lollipop in my drink and accidentally let go:

Thankfully, the lollipop was eventually recovered and eaten.

Also at the aftershow, we were talking to the bassist from Milo when I happened to notice someone wandering in with sunglasses perched on his head in the very smoky and dark venue. Being me, I couldn't help but remark about it, something along the lines of "Who's the dude wearing sunglasses? Indoors? At night?" to which my male companions smirked and informed me that the gent whose style I'd called into question was Rou, Enter Shikari's lead singer. Whoops. Naturally, my male companions decided that this was funny enough to warrant dragging Rou over and repeating what I had said. I sincerely hope he saw the funny side.

You can't take me anywhere these days, I just can't be trusted.

Finally, two clips from the show itself, I will in due course also find and post the 'EA sports' chant clip from last night.

Now, back to my regular Sunday activities of loafing, reading the papers and eating. I have to make the most of it as I found out that my planned two month sabbatical has now been shortened to a mere three weeks until I'm back in the cupboard, so that's not much freedom left. Not at all.

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