Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Gadeget Alert

So, I survived the week from hell and the weekend was full of torrential downpours (which was quite nice actually), so I took the opportunity to get round to doing some things that I'd been putting off week after week. One of the final things I did was order a new phone. This morning, my brand spanking new Nokia N73 arrived in its environmentally friendly packaging (just as the lady at the other end of the phone repeatedly told me it would) and I was like a small child. I ripped open the box, keen to play with the shiny new thing. The boyfriend took that moment to point out that not only would I be late for work but I also wouldn't have enough time to charge it. He was right on the first point but not the second; it charged pretty damn quickly when I finally got to fiddle with it.

After a few frustrated hours of punching keys and trying to figure out how to make it all work properly, I must admit that I'm suffering from new phone induced anxiety. This morning, I suddenly became very nostalgic for my grumpy slide phone that likes to do weird things, like the flip the screen upside down. My new phone scares me; there are so many features, buttons, things to go wrong and make me cry out in anger.

I wish you could test drive phones. Actually try them out, not just fiddle with a display dummy in a shop or rotate a 360 degree picture online. It would make life so much easier if you could test it out for 24 hours, see how you go, if the two of you are compatible. But no.

And now, I'm the owner of a very scary phone.

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