Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TGI Humpday

Thank God that from today, it's the downhill struggle to the weekend. The last few days at work have tested me in a variety of manners. On Monday, I got bollocked for a matter that was genuinely out of my control and then yesterday, I pulled a 12 hour day - into the office at 8 to collect suitcases and set up the work experience for the day, then off to a long ass day at the shoot I was doing. Few experiences have tested my patience as much and I finally understand that old saying 'never work with animals or children'.

Thankfully today was slightly more merciful in that for the first time in days, I was not in early or out late, although I felt really -and for want of a better word- minging all day, which is never pleasant when you work in an image-conscious industry. However, as it was said industry that made me so tired that I didn't have enough energy to wash my hair last night, I figured that they could deal with my greasy roots and droopy eyes for a day.

On my way home, a really cool thing happened. I was walking my usual root back from the station down a quiet road when suddenly I heard a roar of tiny bells. Looking up, the house I was just passing was circled above by about 40 pigeons and doves, all with their tiny ankle bracelets jangling. Watching them as they circled and swooped around the property repeatedly, complete with the chimes of their tiny feet rattling, was amazing. If I had been quicker of brain, I would've whipped out my camera and got a little of the experience for the record. However, my brain was mush and so I just let myself enjoy the vision.

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