Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Woman Vs Bus

Coming out of the train station today on my way home from work, I thought I was lucky when a bus seemed to appear out of nowhere to whisk me and my heavy bags home in record time, rather than the mile long uphill struggle.

That'll teach my exercise hating ass. We pulled into the first bus stop, picked up some passengers and pulled away, up to a set of major traffic lights, which were red. Suddenly a rather large woman waddles up to the bus as it stands in the queuing traffic and demands to be let on. The bus driver says no as the lights are about to change, which I could understand - dude's got places to go - if you're late, you wait. Rather than admit defeat and wait for another bus (silently cursing), the woman took personal offence and proceeded to walk into traffic and stand in front of the bus, refusing to move.

The stand off had begun. Pretty soon it had drawn a crowd of teenage yobs who tried to force their way onto the bus and a bunch of drunk gamblers, drawn out of their darkened William Hill into the bright sunshine through curiousity and the potential of being able to shout and shake their fists. Whilst we passengers were trapped on the bus (noone was being let out for fear of the mob) we began to discuss the situation unfolding around us. One man kept repeating he was a spiritualist and that as such, he would let the woman on the bus. The rest of us all empathised with the drive over the loon and carried on checking our watches.

To cut a long story short, the police were called and funnily enough, once the woman caught wind of this, she moved to the pavement and back to the bus stop. By this time of course, the next bus had turned up and just as the police turned up, she waddled on and tried to pretend that nothing had happened. No such luck for her though. We got to watch as she got a ticking off from another officer for being a nuisance and we finally got to move along.

I can understand where she's coming from, sure. I've had plenty of buses refuse to let me on in traffic and it sucks. But you know what? If you're an adult, you get over it. You swear and shake your fist at the bus before sitting down and waiting for the next one. You do not act like a spoilt brat and hold everyone else up, random strangers who get caught up in your personal (and pointless) battle. Next time, run a little faster.

Especially you, Protest Lady, you looked like you could do with the exercise.

I'm sorry that I couldn't get any pictures of the baying crowds or the woman in front of the bus but I didn't want to join the bus driver as a target and Paparanti would've definitely led to bloodshed. Maybe next time, when I'm feeling a little more nihilistic.

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