Thursday, August 09, 2007


Does anyone else watch Honey, we're killing the kids? Although the principles of the show are excellent, there are a few things about the show that niggle at me.

For a start, the silly 'new rule' names and frankly crap graphics. I know that the kids need to understand them but all of those blue and yellow smiley faces and allegedly catchy names piss me off with their almost condescending simplicity. Also, has anyone else noticed the clothes on the two different predictions?

On the unhealthy 40 year old future projection of the children, they are always adults in shell suits, with ugly gold jewellery and if male, with a crew cut. Future daughters will have a bad perm and even more Argos jewellery stretching out their earlobes whilst their fat stretches their aquamarine lycra t-shirt (under the shell suit jacket). In contrast, healthy future children always has swept across fringes and in their final version are invariably wearing a suit jacket. It's subliminal messages if ever I saw them. Business suit equal success, health, wealth and happiness whereas a shell suit is clearly council estate chic with a whiff of benefit fraud.

Ah, good old fashioned stereotyping.

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