Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trust in God but keep taking the Nurofen

Last week, I was reading an interview with Jemima Khan about her ex-husband's involvement in the political unrest in Pakistan at the moment and she mentioned an old Pakistani saying that goes something like Trust in God but tether your camel. All week, that phrase has been floating at the back of my mind with new interpretations since I don't have a camel but I really liked the phrase. Most of the week, I've had what seems to be the most appropriate the London equivalent of Trust in God but lock your car.

Since I haven't been able to step out of the house all weekend, I once again updated it to the new version of Trust in God but keep taking Nurofen. Tonsilitis is meant to clear up by itself within about four days and seeing as this is more or less the third, it should be gone by Tuesday but as the saying goes, back up your options just in case and in this case, my back up is Nurofen. I have to be back in the office and face the wrath of the faulty air vent again tomorrow but my bag contains large supplies of over the counter remedies to help me through the day as my GP can't see me until sometime after I get back from my trip so antibiotics are out of the question. Someone remind of what I pay so much tax on such a small wage for precisely.

Re-reading that, I've come to the conclusion that the Nurofen has gone to my head and I should stop rambling about ancient phrases, the size of my tonsils and the NHS' short fallings before I say something truly stupid.

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