Thursday, December 27, 2007


I have been ill since Christmas Eve. There is nothing that blows in quite the same way as being ill the one time of year that its considered publicly acceptable - nay, TRADITION - to stuff one's face, get pissed and pass out on the sofa by 3pm in front of a crap film for a few days running, depending on how hardcore you are.

I woke up on Christmas Eve feeling a little woozy and chilly but I figured I'd just picked up a cold. As the day went on, it got a little stronger but I still went and did a little shopping, picked up some flu drugs and cough syrup, figuring I'd be fine. Once the drugs had kicked in, I felt fine enough to get through the evening, eating absurd amounts, mixing drinks and other activities that generally count as a good time.

But Christmas Day? Oooh, Christmas Day. Hell hath no fury like head flu ignored. And so I have stayed ever since, making a brief appearance to eat lunch before passing out again in my bed. It blows. I was meant to go down and stay with my boyfriend's family for a few days today; no longer. I really wanted to go, more so now that I've been trapped in my room for three days.

Unfortunately, the cough syrup I've been taking has not agreed with me, I still have a loud and throaty cough that can be heard for miles, no appetite or hearing. Ever since I was little, I've had issues with my ears, nose and throat. One of the ongoing issues is that whenever I get flu, my hearing goes to the point where I can barely hear anything. Annoyingly, it takes about a week for it to come back fully so for a few days, it's like I'm swimming underwater constantly.

Okay, I agree that me bitching about being ill can hardly be considered entertaining or even vaguely interesting but it's not like there's anything good on TV. Hopefully, I'll be better tomorrow then I can venture out, have a minor adventure and come back here with it. Or maybe not. We'll see.

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