Monday, January 28, 2008

Hell hath no fury...

So, you may've noticed that I skirted around one of the biggest news topics last week, the death of Heath Ledger. One reason I won't be speculating on what happened is that I think that the incident and Ledger's life have been dissected, gossiped about and whipped up into a frenzy of tabloid breast-beating. I therefore, will not be heaping my thoughts on the matter onto the mountain of opinion already out there, except to say that it's very sad.

One of the stories to piggyback off Ledger's passing is, of course, the rearing of the Westboro Baptist church movement,*, who intended to picket his funeral in order to gain a little more notoriety. WBC are those charming individuals who have previously been known to picket military funerals of US Soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afgahnistain, as seen on Louis Theroux's great documentary. They believe that events such as the war, 9/11 and the London Tube bombings are punishments festooned upon the world for the acceptance of homosexuality by a vengeful God. Ergo, Ledger's family deserve to have their goodbyes tainted by some inbred morons because he played a gay cowboy. I've uploaded their press release below (originally posted on HolyMoly!:

As you can see, their number is clearly printed at the top of the image. Whilst I should probably not endorse crank calling, I'm not saying don't. The number may've already been disconnected but it's still worth a shot. And in case for any reason you can't read it, it's 785-273-0325. Holler at a redneck, y'all!

* - I have deliberately not given this site a link. I must concede that in writing about this topic, I am on some small level giving publicity to those who I abhore for their stupidity and small-mindedness. But I will not make it any easier for someone to click through to their site.

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