Monday, January 21, 2008

Shoes and consequence

Let me start this posting by explaining one thing; I do not run. I may sprint gingerly to the bus stop as I spy a bus sitting in traffic but I will not actively or willingly peg it down the street without just cause. One of the reasons behind this is that my knees are in very bad shape after three dislocations and an activity such as running may cause another.

Recently, I have found myself frequently sprinting for the bus more than usual. It was actually proving to be a good form of exercise and helping my knees get a little more used to being put through their paces. Then last Tuesday I helped on a shoot on location in a very tall house where I spent a good deal of the day running up and down the stairs. Needless to say, I got a twinge. The next few days as I ran, both of my knees felt weird in very different ways and I was forced to half-run-half-limp after the bus.

And then I did something even sillier. On Saturday night, I wore heels. I can rarely wear heels as my doctor advised against it many years ago due to the state of my knees. However, I had survived the work Christmas party last month with aplomb and I thought I could risk it; there was no public transport involved, it was a very lovely bar and frankly, I was tired of always being eye-to-armpit height to my friends. I had convinced myself to forget until that night how different one feels swishing around in heels. On seeing my legs in a mirror, transformed from cankles to sinewy limbs, I couldn't help but feel affection for the patent torture devices on my feet.

I admit that I am paying the price for it today. Running for the bus tonight my left knee (the bad one) wouldn't straighten properly as I attempted a sprint, making me run in a slightly deranged hop. But you know, occasionally that price is worth paying for that little confidence boost.

[Just so you know, in case you don't, the shoes above as Christian Louboutin Mary Janes. I love them. I have lusted after them from afar for a long time. One day, they shall be mine. Oh Yes. Even just to look at.]

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