Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunglasses and Scientology

Remember those sunglasses I mentioned the other day? Well, browsing lookbooks the other day at work, I saw that they came in cream as well. I fell a little more in love and on my lunch break today, I ran to Topshop. Lo and behold, within 15 minutes they were mine and I was very happy. So happy that I'm willing to drop some of my dignity and take an emo-myspace photo to show you how cool they are:

Unfortunately, the star top will not be mine. The day after I blogged, I read five different fashion columns that all mentioned it. It flew off shelves and despite extensive trawling of the Oxford Circus branch, I will be star-less. Unless I hit up a couple of smaller Topshops in less fashiony areas and hope for the best. Although frankly, the idea of walking down the street and seeing other people wearing it kind of puts me off. Once something has sold out, Topshop's ubiquitousness means that walking down the street I can spot half of my wardrobe on strangers on any given day.

In other news: Scientologists be warned, the end is nigh. About bloody time too. Watch the oddly creepy video that has clearly been made using Microsoft Sam's disjointed text reading programme.

Now go, enjoy the weekend.

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