Saturday, September 13, 2008

28 days later

I admit, I'm not always very good at keep this place updated; I've been very busy recently so here's a brief overview of everything from the last four weeks.

I returned the shoes in a moment of sensibility. Good. I then promptly walked next door to Topshop and spent their equivalent and then some on a new pair of jeans and a dress. Not good.

I flew to Dublin for an overnight press trip and during the only spare hour we had, another one of the guests and I went to go and check out the main shopping area. While we were walking around, we came across the Louis Vuitton store. The current window dressings all have a security theme, which I first saw on Being the loser that I am, I held up our expedition to get a photo on my phone (my camera had generously packed up that morning). Anyway, here you go:

Isn't it awesome?

In other news, we temporarily have three dogs. We're dog sitting a very cute but very energetic sausage called Thandie whilst her mother is away shooting. Our dogs weren't particularly enamoured by the whole experience for the first week but thankfully peace has been brokered. Minus the odd hiccup when Thandie tries to jump on our dogs (who are both a little old and would rather eat, sleep and scratch themselves than run around like lunatics all day), they all get on rather well these days:

Unfortunately for me, our new arrival, although extremely cute, is currently teething and as such, anything chewable must be kept firmly out of her reach. In the five minutes that my new(ish) and favourite nude leather pumps were left sitting on the floor, the darling dog managed to chew clean through the toes of said shoes, leaving them unwearable and me without good day-to-day shoes.

Which leads me to my final point, London Fashion Week, that kicks off bright and early tomorrow morning. This is my first official one, not sneaking in on other peoples' exhibition passes or spare tickets, so I'm doubly excited. I will probably want to crawl into a hole and hibernate by the end of the week but until that moment comes, I'm going to try and enjoy every moment of it, with as many posts as possible.

And on that note, I bid you goodnight. Some of us need our beauty sleep. Yaaawn.

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