Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm a little bummed out this evening. On my way home from work, I took a little detour to go and mooch around Topshop. I'd seen an awesome black boy cut fully sequinned blazer in the vintage section on Thursday but as I was lacking in debit card following Walletgate, I couldn't buy it there and then.

All weekend, I tried to put it out of my mind, while some little voice in the back of said mind screamed 'You must have it. MUST!'

Armed with the resolve of if I can't get it out of my mind, I have to have it, I trotted down to the vintage section and you guessed it, it was gone. I'm not really surprised, it was an awesome jacket. And I suppose I kinda ruined that whole story by admitting that I was bummed out at the very beginning. I wouldn't have been bummed out if I had that blazer; I probably would've started with I bought the most amazing blazer today but no.

Ah blazer, perhaps it wasn't meant to be. Which is a real shame because you would've slotted into my wardrobe so perfectly. Sad face.

And now my second disappointment. I bought some Tarmasalata from the local supermarket last night and thought hmm, I'll have a little snack since its 11pm, I'm bummed about the blazer and I didn't eat dinner. Diligently, I chopped my carrots and a side of some good mozzarella, got a big dollop of the dip and went to settle myself in front of Law & Order. But it's salty. Really, really salty. And not good salty, gross salty.

So, now I sit here, bummed out - no awesome jacket and no good tarmasalata.

Tomorrow owes me.

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