Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey, Fatty! Day Nine

As I've mentioned before, where there's a press day, there's pretty much always temptation and today, once again, temptation won. Let's have a little recap, shall we?

Breakfast (at event) - Large glass of orange juice, mini apricot pastry, smoked salmon 1/2 mini bagel.
Snack - none
Lunch - small prawn salad (EAT), 2 tbsp coleslaw, banana, water
Afternoon (at events) 3 smoked salmon finger sandwiches, one beef, 1 peach bellini. 4 pieces tuna and cucumber inside out roll, 1 raspberry bellini.
Dinner - 3 wheat free fish fingers (baked), handful 3% fat oven chips, peas, baked beans, small glass of apple juice.

Not bad but not great either. I really need to step back up on my water drinking. I've noticed that now that I've hit 120 lbs, I'm not dropping the weight as quickly as I did last week but at the same time, I'm also being absent minded and not drinking enough water. Not good, must do better.



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