Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey, Fatty! Days Five and Six

So, it's the weekend and as the boyfriend has so rightfully pointed out, as I've done well so I'm allowed a little slip here and there, which is how I ended up eating takeout last night. I'm combining today and Friday's food posts in one to catch up. Let's start with yesterday:

Breakfast - mini bacon sandwich, 2 1/2 large glasses freshly squeezed orange juice
Snack - none
Lunch - small prawn salad (EAT), banana, bottle of water
Afternoon snack - none
Dinner - 1 piece of tandoori chicken, 4 tbsp pilau rice, 1 piece of peshwari naan
Drinks - 2 cans of Kopparberg

And on to today:
Breakfast - none (slept through)
Snack - none (slept through)
Lunch - same as Friday dinner (leftovers)
Snack - Muller lite strawberry yoghurt
Dinner - grilled chicken wrap
Drinks - (so far) 1 can, 2 bottles of Kopparberg

I estimate I'll probably have another Kopparberg before the evening is out but we'll see. I'll post any additions tomorrow. I also went to the gym today for over an hour - half an hour of Powerplating plus half an hour of cardio to try and work off the takeaway.

More gym tomorrow. Yeay.



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