Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey, Fatty! - Prologue

I return to the blog tonight rejuvenated and with a mission in mind. Let me explain - earlier this evening I ventured into my mother's bathroom to steal her nail varnish remover for a Sunday night pedicure and saw the scales by the door. Having not weighed myself in quite a while, I hopped on without a second thought. What popped up on the electronic display startled me. While at university, I was a tiny 107 lbs and while I was admittedly happy with my tiny frame, my face (as my mother and friends have now told me) looked somewhat skeletal.

Upon leaving university, I initially didn't put on any weight as I had a very active job as a costume assistant on films and it wasn't until I gave this up and retreated to a desk job as a fashion intern that the weight began to creep on. Sitting static and grazing on sweets and other junk all day, I put on four pounds, then seven and so on.

Up until this evening, I thought I weighed about 117 lbs but according to the scales that I used earlier, I am now 127 lbs. My first thought when I saw those digits was HOLY SHIT. My mother has been ribbing me for some time about putting on weight but up until that moment, I hadn't given it that much thought. Although I still fit an 8-10UK in every store, I've noticed recently that my face is lacking the distinct cheekbones of days gone by and that the gap that used to exist between my thighs is somewhat more minimal these days but that figure shocked me and so I've decided that it's finally time to take action.

I'm not saying that I want to go back down to my university weight. I understand now that at that weight I was actually UNDERWEIGHT for my height but I have decided that I would like to reach a happy medium of 113 lbs. In other words, I need to lose a stone (14 lbs). I'm not going to jump on any weird crash diet band wagons or start popping pills - instead, my intention is to lose 3.5 lbs for the next four weeks with a combination of better eating, no alcohol and moderate exercise.

As part of this, I've chosen to chronicle my attempts on here with a food diary and progress reports. Not only should this hopefully keep me in check and stop me sneaking off to eat Macdonalds but also it should get me back into the swing of blogging, so everyone wins. Check back tomorrow for the first installment of Hey, Fatty!



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