Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey, Fatty! - Whoops.

I realize that I haven’t blogged in quite some time, despite my assurances to you that I would blog every day during the hell that is the Hey Fatty diet. One of my many reasons is the fact two weeks ago, I fell off the wagon somewhat spectacularly at the New Look party. Having not eaten much, once I hit the champagne I was away to put it mildly. I was bold enough to go over to Peaches Geldof and Samanda and start up random conversations with all three and I’d like to issue an open apology for my drunkenness. I also accosted Swarovski Crystal Head man, (real name Phillip), who I have previously met during LFW. He didn’t recognize me but was kind enough to humour my requests for a photograph of his scalp, which was covered in lots of butterflies, as you’ll see from the photos below:

Phillip of

Peaches Geldof, who was far too friendly or humouring my drunkenness. I can't decide.

BB's Samanda. Can you see the scared smile?

And now, back to business. I will fully admit that having lost 10 lbs, the joy went slightly to my head and I’ve not been as strict with myself in the last week. This morning on the tube, lacking a Metro, I decided to tally up everything that I’ve eaten in the last 9 days and the results are below. I’m yet to weigh myself but I have a feeling that my weight hasn’t shifted at all. Still, I luckily still have the better part of two weeks to whittle away those last few pounds before I’m forced to reveal my bikini body for the first time in a year. However, the progress can definitely be seen (and felt) from the fact that I can fit into a brand new pair of Topshop Baxter skinnies (waist 26) without having to lie down on the floor to do them up. Enough pratting on, let’s get to the food diary:

Wednesday 29th April

Lunch - EAT prawn salad, banana, water
Snack – none
Dinner – tuna handroll, salmon nigiri, salmon sashimi
Party – copious amounts of champagne and red wine

Thursday 30th April (this was the day that I was so hungover, the thought of any food other than fatty junk made me feel physically sick)

Breakfast – none
Snack – none
Lunch – none
Snack (at press day) – two Portuguese custard tarts, water
Dinner – sweet and sour chicken hong kong style, boiled rice, crispy seaweed, prawn crackers, half a can of coke

The half can of coke was probably the best tasting can of Coke that I’ve ever had. Having not drunk what was essentially my life blood and only form of caffeine for a week and a half, it was like manna from heaven.

Friday 1st May

Breakfast – banana
Snack – none
Lunch – Salmon salad with brown rice (M&S), five king prawns
Snack – none
Dinner (for the boyfriend’s birthday) – Steak, handful of fries, 3 glasses of red wine

Saturday 2nd May

Absolutely no clue. Must investigate.

Sunday 3rd May (Boyfriend’s Birthday BBQ day – no actual defined meals as such)

3 small hot dogs, 5 tbsp coleslaw, handful of carrot batons, handful of cherry tomatoes, 2 breadsticks, crisps. 4 Kopparbergs, fruit from the Pimms bowl.

Monday 4th (Bank Holiday)
Breakfast – none
Snack – none
Lunch/Dinner – (Yo Sushi) tuna handroll, edamame, salmon nigiri, chicken gyoza, chicken katsu, can of Coke
Snack – bag of Wiltshire ham crisps from M&S, ½ Bulmer’s pear

Tuesday 5th
Breakfast – banana
Snack – none
Lunch – prawn salad, banana
Snack – apple, Wiltshire ham crisps
Dinner – grilled tandoori chicken in wheat free pitta, 1 poppadom, 1 ½ glasses of lemonade, 1 Bulmers pear

Wednesday 6th
Breakfast – bacon sandwich, can of Coke
Snack – none
Lunch – Vital salad (lettuce, chicken, egg noodle, tomato, sweetcorn, peppers and chilli/ginger dressing)
Snack – Prawn crackers
Dinner – Halloumi, 8 smiley faces, corn on the cob
Thursday 7th
Breakfast – 3 mini fruit skewers
Snack – none
Lunch – Grilled chicken superfood salad (Leon)
Snack – half a cupcake, small bag Toffee popcorn
Dinner – half a large pizza (Dominos)

Friday 8th
Breakfast – banana
Snack – none
Lunch – 2 pieces seared tuna and coriander nigiri, 2 pieces seared salmon nigiri, 4 pieces salmon maki, 4 pieces tuna maki, packet of McCoys flame grilled steak crisps, coke.

Saturday 9th
Breakfast/lunch - 2 carrots, 2 tbsp low fat coleslaw, 1 tbsp tarmasalata, 1 wholemeal pitta, 4 slice halloumi cheese, grilled, 2 glasses of red wine
Evening out - 1 Kopparberg pear cider, 2 glasses of red wine, McDonalds cheese burger, handful of fries

Sunday 10th
Breakfast – worked through
Lunch – 2 carrots, 1 tbsp tarmasalata, 2 tbsp low fat coleslaw, 4 slices halloumi, grilled chorizo
Snack – none
Dinner – roast chicken breast (minus skin), green beans, salad with dressing, 3 toffee poppets, handful of Nandos crisps, toffee popcorn

Monday 11th
Breakfast – banana
Snacks – Sweet chilli sensation crisps
Lunch – 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 1 tuna roll (4 pieces), 1 salmon roll
Dinner – grilled chicken, cucumber and spring onion salad

Tuesday 12th
Breakfast – bacon sandwich and can of coke
Snack – none
Lunch - 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 1 tuna roll (4 pieces), 1 salmon roll
Snack – none
Dinner – chicken fajitas, 3 Kopparbergs, toffee popcorn

Wednesday 13th
Breakfast – fruit stick, orange juice
Snack – various canapés
Lunch - 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 1 tuna roll (4 pieces), 1 salmon roll
Snack/Dinner – various canapés, champagne

More stories of recent adventures tomorrow, I promise.

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