Monday, March 19, 2007

Unemployment Day 15

And the mind numbing boredom continues. I feel rather like Hugh Grant's character in About a Boy, dividing my time into slots and creating vastly insignificant activities in order to fill said time slots. Today's activities have so far been as follows:

1 - sleep
2 - daytime television (watched in bed)
3 - cup of tea
4 - more daytime television viewing
5 - shower (during lunchtime news)
6 - Neighbours
7 - panicking and in need of something to do, I dug out all of the video clips from the LFW shows I got to go to and began to edit them into a mini video. Below are the results (well, one of them thus far):

This is the Biba autumn/winter show for 2007/8 that I went to back in February. Unfortunately, the sound on my clips was awful and juddery, so I added 'Joe Le Taxi' from As Heard on Radio Soulwax pt 2 but I do remember the soundtrack being really good.

Now to fill time slot 8, lunch.

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