Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunstroke induced mindcrap

I know that my visits back here are sporadic at best right now, recently I've been feeling very blah towards everything - I haven't really even taken any photos, which I usually do on a practically obsessive level. Today was the first day I took my camera out and actually used it, albeit for silly purposes. After what seemed like the week from hell at work, we were rewarded by a weekend of sun and what better way to spend it than lolling in the sun?

My friend Holly* has just got herself a new Schnauzer puppy called Alfie. He's nine weeks old and adorable. Today, we figured it would be fun to introduce Alfie to Bunny and Holly, my two dachshunds. (Yes, I know, Bunny is a ridiculous name for a male dog) Dog Holly was none to impressed by the new arrival and spent the day sitting in the doorframe and periodically barking her displeasure at Alfie as he romped around the garden and tried to engage Bunny - who's pushing thirteen - to play with him.

*You may remember Holly from the OzBlog, the piece of (mostly drunken) mastery from 2003 as we travelled the South Pacific with sometimes disasterous consequences.

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