Monday, January 26, 2009

My new love

Remember the bag I fell in love with? Well, two weeks ago in my desperate quest for one, I started scheming about how to get my hands on one. First, I called the PR to see if there was any way I could get one. That turned out to be a dead end so I was back to square one and so, I did what any handbag-lust crazed girl does and turned to Ebay.

Someone, somewhere must really like me because lo and behold, within twenty minutes of scouting out the UK and US sites, I found one in California. The opening price was $400 and there was a buy it now of $550. Jumping up and down, I made my boyfriend email the woman right there and then (I love ebay but have no account of my own for precisely the dangerous temptation it would bring). I will spare you the long winded story but needless to say, I won and the bag finally arrived on Thursday, just in time for my trip to Berlin as you can see from the ode to Susie Bubble photo above, taken in my mum's amazing apartment.

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